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Mosaic Cardboard Collage

Create a swoon-worthy Mosaic Cardboard Collage using our Sparkle Stash Kit!

Collage is one of the best open-ended art projects for kids of all ages and can be done with just about any kind of art medium, including items from your own recycling bin! Even very young kids can easily settle into collage making, but encouraging them to create a mosaic pattern is a super fun twist on this basic art idea. You might have noticed that we're fans of pattern around here and our Sparkle Stash Craft Kit takes pattern-making to the next level.

mosaic cardboard collage materials


- our Sparkle Stash Craft Kit

- cardboard

- scissors

- glue


mosaic cardboard collage step 1

1. Create your collage base: use scissors to cut a cardboard circle about 6" in diameter (you can trace a bowl if you don't want to freehand it).

mosaic cardboard collage step 2

2. Craft initial grid: you should feel free to skip to step 3 if you're creative juices are really going, but sometimes it helps to lay out an initial grid to get started. We like to start in the center and map out a few design areas.

mosaic cardboard collage step 3

3. Fill in mosaic: once the grid is down, fill in the cardboard with a pattern of materials. Focus on balancing colors, using some symmetry, and working in multiple types of materials. The kit has a great variety, but also try using the scissors to cut the sparkle sticker sheets and glitter tape into different shapes too. Try re-purposing leftover crafting scraps, such as those from our DIY Cereal Box Notebooks, as well.

mosaic cardboard collage step 4a
mosaic cardboard collage step 4b

4. Add hanger: cut a piece of cord approximately 8" long. String a few beads onto the cord in whatever pattern you'd like. Tie the cord into a loop. Use glitter tape to attach hanger on to the back of your mosaic (if you added a lot of heavy beads, you might need to reinforce with a stronger piece of tape).

mosaic cardboard collage final

Once it's all dry, hang up with our glitter tape to display your beautiful mosaic. After you have the circle mastered, try cutting out different shapes of cardboard to mosaic. See what patterns you can create!

* * *

Create your own mosaic collage using our Smarts and Crafts Sparkle Stash Kit!

* * *

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