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Mother’s Day DIY: Egg Carton Upcycled Wreath

Make Mom Smile With This Festive DIY Mother's Day Wreath!

Put a big smile on Mom’s face this Mother’s Day when you surprise her with the most colorful spring wreath ever! This pretty flower wreath is made with recycled paper egg cartons! Just cut them into flower shapes, paint them with our washable paints, and add pom-poms and patterned leaves for a major pop of color!


-Washable Paint Set

-Pom Pom Palooza

-Print Party Paper Pad

-Two paper egg cartons

-Large piece of cardboard

-Large dinner plate and small dessert plate


-Hot glue or craft glue



1.  Use a piece of cardboard to create a ring for your wreath. Trace around a large dinner plate for the outside of the ring.

2.  Use a smaller dessert plate for the inside of the wreath and then cut it out to form a ring.

3.  Use a pair of scissors to cut the individual cups and pointy centers out of the egg carton.

4.  Cut the pointy triangle pieces into flowers by making a slit at each corner and then bending them outward. Curve the edges of each petal with scissors.

5.  Make the cups into flowers by cutting slits around the edges and bending outward. You can make smaller petals by creating more slits. Round off the edges of the petals if you want.

6.  Paint the wreath ring green with our Washable Paint Set. Let dry.

7.  Paint the flowers a variety of colors using paints from our Washable Paint Set. Let dry.

8.  Glue the flowers onto the cardboard ring using either hot glue (on the low setting) or craft glue. Mix up the colors and types of flowers as you go.

9.  Create colorful middles for each of the flowers by gluing a pom-pom from our Pom-Pom Palooza pack in the center.

10.  Cut petals from our Print Party Paper Pad with a pair of scissors.

11.  Layer the leaves under the flowers by attaching with a little glue to the cardboard ring. Your colorful wreath for mom is complete! Pair it with a special homemade card for a gift she will love.


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Upcycled DIY mothers day wreath


Post written by Haeley Giambalvo of Design Improvised, a website focused on easy DIY projects that make a big impact. Haeley loves transforming simple materials like pom-poms and pipe cleaners into cool kids projects or festive holiday crafts. Her colorful projects are perfect for the busy mom who wants to spend 30 minutes crafting by herself or getting creative with her kids. Haeley lives in San Antonio, TX along with her husband and two daughters Stella, 9, and Hazel, 7.