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Mother’s Day DIY: Embroidered Journal

Mother's Day is Coming Up and This Embroidered Notebook May Just Melt Her Heart!

Give Mom a one-of-a-kind journal this Mother’s Day that you embroidered all by yourself with our Embroidered Notebook Kit. Just a few simple stitches are all you need to make this pretty decorated cover. This is just one idea for how to embroider the journal - the options are endless! After you’ve decorated the front, write a special note inside for Mom. She’ll love all the rainbow lined pages to write down her thoughts!


-Embroidered Notebook Kit


-Hot glue


1.  Use a pencil to trace your design first. Count the number of holes to help center your design.

2.  Choose two colors of thread and cut about 2 feet of each color. Thread the two colors through the needle and tie a knot at the end. Start embroidering the design with a simple back-stitch (bring the needle up through the next hole and then back into the previous hole).

3.  Once you have stitched all the letters tie a knot on the backside and trim.

4.  Repeat with another set of colored thread to create the two hearts.

5.  Add an cross-stitch design to the sides of the journal using doubled up orange thread and skipping every other one.

6.  Then repeat with doubled-up pink thread to add a cross-stitch between the orange Xs.

7.  For the bottom and top of the notebook, use doubled up green thread and a simple back-stitch.

8.  Don’t worry if your backside is messy! You will be covering it up with the adhesive felt sheet included in the kit. You may want to run a bead of hot glue along the back edges of the felt sheet to provide extra hold before attaching.

9.  Add a special note before you give Mom her new journal!

Haeley Giambalvo is the founder of Design Improvised — a website focused on easy DIY projects that make a big impact. Haeley loves transforming simple materials like pom-poms and pipe cleaners into cool kids projects or festive holiday crafts. Her colorful projects are perfect for the busy mom who wants to spend 30 minutes crafting by herself or getting creative with her kids. Haeley lives in San Antonio, TX along with her husband and two daughters Stella, 9 and Hazel, 7.


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