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Mother's Day Handprint Garden

Celebrate Mother's Day by creating a handprint garden.

Give Mom the gift of everlasting flowers for Mother’s Day this year with this easy and beautiful handprint garden. Using paint, fuzzy sticks and the Kid Made Modern Print Party paper pack, turn your handprints into some gorgeous blooms! Read below to learn how to make one.

Materials Needed:



-Washable paint

-White paper

-Paint brush

-Green and gold fuzzy sticks

-Felt pieces (from your Arts and Crafts Library)

-Print Party paper pack

-Hot glue gun (always ask an adult to help you use a hot glue gun!)

How To:

Step 1: Make some handprints on white paper. Use a paint brush to paint the entire palm of your hand and fingers. You can use any colors you want! Press the painted side of your hand down firmly onto the paper and lift it up! Once your handprints dry, cut each one out, leaving a little white border around the edges.

Step 2: Use scissors to cut the shape of a flower pot out of your cardboard. Also cut a long rectangle that is a little bit longer than the top of your flower pot. Use hot glue to glue the rectangle across the top of the flower pot shape.

Step 3: Choose one green fuzzy stick or craft stick for each of your handprint flowers. Use hot glue to glue them to the back of the flower pot so that they stick up (like stems growing out of the flower pot). It’s nice to have them be different lengths, so you may want to cut a few of them to make them a little bit shorter and leave a few longer ones!

Step 4: Carefully glue one handprint onto each of the fuzzy stick stems. We arranged ours in rainbow color order (but with pink instead of red!).

Step 5: Look through your Print Party paper pack for sections of green paper. Cut some small leaf shapes out of the paper. Glue the leaves to the fuzzy stick stems.

Step 6: For a few finishing touches, decorate your pot! Glue gold fuzzy sticks around the edges of the flower pot. You can also cut out letters from felt, like “I Love Mom”, and glue them to your pot.