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Mother's Day Painted Rocks DIY

Make unique bejeweled rocks for Mom this Mother's Day.

You might not have thought about giving your mom a rock for Mother’s Day, but these pretty bejeweled rocks will change your mind! Paint rocks in bright colors and then decorate with beads and thread from the Jewelry Jam Craft Kit to make one-of-a-kind garden rocks for mom to place among her flowers, or to use as a pretty paper weight on her desk!

bejeweled rocks supplies


Jewelry Jam Craft Kit

Hand Made Modern Acrylic Craft Paint

- Foam brushes

- Hot glue (on low setting)

- Scissors


    1. Go on a rock hunting expedition to find the perfect rocks! Larger rocks with a flat side work best, and the more porous rocks tend to take paint better than smooth rocks. Paint the rocks with two coats of acrylic paint, letting dry between coats.

    bejeweled rocks step 1a
    bejeweled rocks step 1b

    2. String beads using thread and a needle from the Jewelry Jam Craft Kit. Add as many beads as you want to stretch across the front of the rock. Cut the thread, leaving at least 12 inches of thread on each end of the beads so that you can wrap the extra thread around the rock.

    bejeweled rocks step 2

    3. To hold the beads in place, secure the bead at each end by running the needle and thread through the front of the last bead again to create a loop. This will prevent it from sliding along the thread. Repeat with the bead at the beginning of the strand.

    bejeweled rocks step 3a
    bejeweled rocks step 3b

    4. Wrap the beads and the extra thread around the rock.

    bejeweled rocks step 4

    5. Use a dab of hot glue (on the low setting) as needed to hold the thread in place on the underside of the rock.

    bejeweled rocks step 5

    6. Wrap a gift tag around the rock to give to mom!

    bejeweled rocks step 6

    7. Make her one rock or a bunch to decorate her garden or desk with!

    bejeweled rocks step 7
    bejeweled rocks final

    Haeley Giambalvo is the founder of Design Improvised — a blog focused on simple DIY projects that make a big impact. Haeley loves transforming colorful materials like pom-poms and pipe cleaners into chic home decor or festive holiday crafts. Her easy projects are perfect for making alongside with your kiddos. Haeley is a business consultant turned blogger based in San Antonio and mom to Stella, 8, and Hazel, 6.

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    Shop our Jewelry Jam Craft Kit here to help you get ready for Mother's Day crafting!


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