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Paper Bead World

Beads can be made of many materials like stone, glass, clay but one of the easiest materials is paper. We met a cool crafting grandmother named Evelyn Pender who shared her best techniques for making paper beads.

Ms. Pender has been making jewelry using her handmade beads for many years. Her son even remembers making them with his mom when he was a kid! All kinds of paper can be used to make beads. Solid papers make beautiful solid colored beads while prints and photographs make swirling multi-colored beads. Choose your papers based on only 1” of the paper strips end showing on the finished beads. You can string your beads into necklaces and bracelets using string, yarn or elastic cord tied off on the end.You can add additional kinds of beads if you would like to, we added in some KID MADE MODERN wooden beads as well as some duct tape and straw beads. We thank Ms. Pender for sharing her tips and if you Just follow her easy steps you can start making your own custom designed jewelry.

Tools Needed:

  1. Old magazines, wrapping paper or any paper with an interesting pattern
  2. Piece of cardboard for drying stand
  3. Ruler
  4. White glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Paper clips to organize the cut paper strips
  7. Toothpicks to roll the beads on.
Step 1:

Cut a piece of paper that measures 10 inches wide. Draw ½ inch cut lines across the width of the paper on the back and cut out strips.

Step 2:

Make a ½ inch fold along one end of the paper and place a toothpick in the fold.

Step 3:

Roll the toothpick until the cut end of the paper is not visible.

Step 4:

Place small dots of white glue down the strip of paper as shown. (Use a small amount of glue as it can seep out during the rolling process.)

Step 5:

Continue rolling the paper strip tightly around the toothpick, when finished use your finger to smooth the end flat.

Step 6:

Cut a 2” wide piece of cardboard and bend it into a “Z” shape then insert the toothpick ends into the cardboards edge and let the beads dry completely before removing.