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Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

Craft an aquarium full of super cute sea creatures with our Aquatic Craft Kit!

Bring a little bit of the sea indoors with our DIY Paper Plate Aquarium! Craft whatever fanciful sea creatures you like with our Aquatic Craft Kit and then build an aquarium for them. Get things swimming with our tutorial below!


- 2 paper plates (plain white or blue)

- Kid Made Modern Washable Rainbow Paint Sticks or other blue paint

- Kid Made Modern Aquatic Craft Kit

- plastic wrap or clear craft cellophane

- scissors or a craft knife

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Prepare paper plates -- if you're using a white plate, paint the inside of one plate blue. Use a pair of scissors or a craft knife to cut out the inside circle of the other paper plate.

2.  Make sea creatures -- craft some sea creatures using our Aquatic Craft Kit. We made a few little blow-fish and a jellyfish to start. But get creative and make whatever you like!

3.  Craft background -- use fuzzy sticks and sticker sheets in kit to shape pieces of coral reef and seaweed. Glue shell beads and other doodads from kit along the bottom edge of the plate to create a sea floor. Glue coral reef and seaweed throughout as well.

4.  Attach sea creatures -- hot glue the sea creatures you made onto the background (keeping in mind to steer clear of the outside edges of the plate that will be covered up in the next step).

5.  Attach cover to aquarium -- glue piece of plastic wrap or cellophane to inside of the cut paper plate and trim to fit. Then, turn the cover over and hot glue onto the painted plate, creating a bubble shaped aquarium with sea creatures inside.


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