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Pirouetting Pig DIY

Twirl together this perky pink piggy with Kid Made Modern’s new craft supply line available exclusively at Target!

Who says pigs aren't graceful!? Our pink ballerina piggy is light on her toes and super fun to make. The new Kid Made Modern craft line available exclusively at Target has everything you need to twirl together your own.


- 2 pink Jumbo Pom Poms

- 4 or 5 pink Fuzzy Sticks

- 2 hot pink Pony Beads

- 2 light pink Pony Beads

- 2 Googly Eyes

- pink Metallic Cord

- 1 pink Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Make body -- use the hot glue gun to glue two pink Jumbo Pom Poms together in a row -- one for the head and one for the body.

2.  Add legs + feet -- cut two, 3.5" pieces of pink Fuzzy Sticks and two, 3.5" pieces of pink Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick. Wind one pink Fuzzy Stick and one pink Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick together. Repeat with remaining set. Hot glue each set to the bottom pom for the legs. Fold up and twist the bottom of each leg to secure and make "feet."

3.  Add tutu -- Shape a pink Fuzzy Stick into a series of loops. Hot glue the end of a pink Fuzzy Stick to the body pom, slightly above where you attached the legs. Attach the stick in looped shapes around the perimeter of the pom, securing with hot glue as you go. Use additional pink Fuzzy Sticks if you need to complete the tutu.

4.  Attach arms + hands -- cut two, 3.5" pieces of pink Fuzzy Sticks. Glue one to each side of the top of the body pom. Extend out as arms. Slip a light pink Pony Bead on to the end of each and fold over the fuzzy stick in a loop to form the hand.

5.  Decorate head + face -- snip a small piece of pink Fuzzy Stick and glue on in an oval shape to form the base of the snout. Glue on two hot pink Pony Beads to snout. Glue two Googly Eyes. Snip two additional small pieces of pink Fuzzy Stick and fold into ear shapes. Glue on to top of pom. Cut a small piece of pink Metallic Cord, tie into a bow, and glue to top of pom.


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