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Pom Pom Tree DIY

Create a magical pinecone forest using a few simple arts and crafts supplies.

Create a magical forest filled with pinecone Christmas trees using our colorful and fuzzy pom-poms. Bring your forest to life with woodland animals that you can paint yourself with our Winter Wonderland Craft Kit!

Pom Pom Tree Materials


Pom-Pom Palooza

Winter Wonderland Craft Kit

Green paint

- Foam brush

- Glue (optional)


Pom Pom Tree Step 1

1. Paint the tips of your pinecones with green paint and a foam brush. You can use a variety of different sized pinecones that you find in nature or at the craft store.

Pom Pom Tree Step 2a
Pom Pom Tree Step 2b

2. Add pom-pom “ornaments” by pushing them in between the layers of the pinecone. The big pom-poms work great with the larger pinecones. The pom-poms will stay put without glue, but you can add a dab of glue if you want. Otherwise, just press them in!

Pom Pom Tree Step 3

3. Repeat to create a forest of pom-pom trees in all different colors and sizes. 

Pom Pom Tree Step 4 

4. Complete your cozy wintery scene by adding animals from the Winter Wonderland Craft Kit. You can use a ring from a canning jar lid to prop up the large pinecones if needed.

Pom Pom Tree Done 1

* * *

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Pom Pom Palooza Winter Wonderland