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Pop Art Printmaking DIY

Learn how to make fun pop art with our Printmaking Kit! Our Pop Art Printmaking project will show you how to make bold prints right out of the box.

Pop art is incredibly kid friendly. Kids of all ages love the use of repetition, symmetry, bright colors, and incorporation of everyday objects into pop art. And our Printmaking Craft Kit makes it easy to try printing your own!


- Printmaking Craft Kit

- scissors

- water

- glue stick


1.  Create design -- Cut piece of white paper from kit in half. Pick four solid colored sheets of paper from the kit and cut four rectangles roughly 1/4 the size of the white paper.

On the piece of white card-stock, glue four different colored rectangles to form a pop quadrant. This will be your background. Then glue the kit's die-cut shapes to create a pattern on the top of each section of the quadrant. 

2.  Prepare print paper -- use the kit's foam brush to paint water onto the white paper from the kit. Paint liberally, but don't over soak it.

3.  Make print -- lay the colored design paper upside down onto the wet piece of paper. Press evenly and firmly across the pattern. Separate the two pieces of paper to see your pop print come to life! Trim to print size and display.


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Pop Art Printmaking DIY with Kid Made Modern