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Pretend Iftar Dinner

Encourage imaginative play in kids this Ramadan with a pretend iftar dinner!

Set them up with play food and have them role play a Ramadan iftar for a fun day time activity to keep them busy AND build holiday spirit in your home this month. 

This craft idea was made super easy by using Kid Made Modern’s “Paint a Picnic” kit. The kit comes with wooden die cut shapes for making two picnic sandwiches as well as with shapes for fruit and milk.

Although every culture has its own interpretation of a traditional Ramadan iftar, technically an iftar is just a dinner and you can eat anything for dinner. So this dinner will be one of sandwiches, fruit and milk. There is one food that really makes it feel like Ramadan though...dates!

Of course, there are no dates in the Paint a Picnic Kit but since the die cut shapes are fully customizable with paint, I fashioned some of my own. I used one of the round shapes and painted some brown oblong shapes to look like dates stacked on a plate; then I added some copper glitter included in the kit to give the dates a little bit of pizzazz!

What I really love about this kit is that since it’s a picnic kit, it comes with a little picnic blanket for sitting on the ground and dining. I love that because it’s traditional to have a Ramadan iftar on the ground as well so it becomes a great learning opportunity for the kids to have a pretend iftar on the floor.


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Pretend Iftar Dinner for Kids