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Ramadan Mosque DIY

Make Your Own Mosque for Ramadan Using the Kid Made Modern Gem Crayon and Gem Jackpot! 

This is a craft I’m really excited about and I think you’re going to love it just as much as I do! It’s super simple, made mostly with household recyclable materials, and is a fun interactive activity for the kids all month long during Ramadan. It’s a 3D colorable mosque with actual crayons for the domes and minaret towers thanks to Kid Made Modern’s line of crayon gems!

Here’s what you’ll need to make this craft.


-Small cardboard box. Make sure it’s solid and a light color, like white or kraft paper brown. I’m using a recycled box of crackers that I’ve wrapped in kraft paper.

-2 toilet paper roll tubes

-2 cupcake liners (I’m using metallic purple ones here)

-Pipecleaners (these are from Kid Made Modern’s metallic arts and crafts kit.)

-Kid Made Modern’s Crayon Gem

-Kid Made Modern’s Gem Jackpot

-Kid Made Modern’s white glue


1.  Start by making an arched door shape from the pipecleaners and glue onto the cardboard box. This will be the door of your mosque.

2.  Next, glue the 2 paper tube rolls to the sides of the cardboard box. These will be your minaret towers.

3.  Now glue a cupcake liner on top of each of the towers. This will help the towers look more like a mosque’s minaret tower.

4.  The cupcake liners also serve another function – holding more crayons! Here I’ve put a flatter crayon in the cupcake liner first and then added a diamond shaped one on top. The overall effect makes it look like a minaret tower!

5.  To finish, I’ve place the large gem crayon on top of the cardboard box to make it look like the dome of a mosque. And voila you’re done!

Now the fun part begins! Coloring your mosque! Use the crayons (i.e. the dome or minaret towers) to color your mosque. You can revisit coloring the mosque throughout the month as a fun activity to beat boredom blues; or, color it once and then put it up around the house for display!


Manal Aman is a founder of the blog Hello Holy Days where she shares fun DIY and craft ideas for Ramadan, Eid and Hajj. She loves homemade parties and borrowing books from the library. On a Sunday afternoon, Manal can probably be found taking long walks in the woods, listening to Oprah’s podcast and snacking on French patisserie (hello macrons!)


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DIY Ramadan Crayon Mosque with Kid Made Modern