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Scrape Painting Art

Try our Washable Paint Set to make a piece of bright modern art with our Scrape Painting DIY.

Out of the box ways to create art are almost guaranteed to catch kids' interest. It doesn't need to be an elaborate project—just something different. And scrape painting is exactly that. It's a really fun way to create colorful modern art with just a few supplies.

Scrape Painting Materials


- Washable Paint Set (which also comes with our great Bristol Paint Pad of paper)

- Scraping tool (if you don't have a paint scraper, a recycled credit card/gift card or a sturdy piece of cardboard will work too)

- Artist Boards (optional)

- Metallic acrylic paint (optional but adds a nice sheen and texture to the painting)


Scrape Painting Step 1

1. Pick paint colors. Pick 3-5 colors of paint to use. Sticking with paints in either warm or cool color palettes will help make sure you don't end up with a bunch of brown on your canvas.

Scrape Painting Step 2

2. Deposit paint on paper. You can either use a paint brush to dab drops of paint along the top of your canvas or pour small amounts along the top.

Scrape Painting Step 3

3. Scrape paint. Using your tool, scrape the paint in downward strokes to start. You can experiment with scraping it in different directions, but watch to make sure you aren't over mixing the colors. Wipe the scrape in between strokes to remove excess paint. Cover the canvas completely or try leaving some negative space. Whatever you like!

Scrape Painting Done 1
Scrape Painting Done 2

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