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Scribble Watercolor Art DIY

Scribble yourself out of a creative slump with our Watercolor Art project!

One of the awesome creative aspects of many kids is that they often have no hesitation about picking up and starting a piece of art. But some kids (and plenty of adults) get caught up in making art "look good" that they can't get started. Scribble art is the perfect project to get over that creative block and is especially pretty when done with watercolors. Try it!


- Kid Made Modern's Studio in a Box

- water for painting

- painters or washi tape


1.  Frame with tape -- these simple paintings look awesome with a bit of white border. Use painters or washi tape to tape down a piece of watercolor paper to a placemat. When you remove the tape after, you'll have a white border around your painting.

2.  Scribble draw! -- using a colored pencil, draw scribbles all over a piece of watercolor paper. Try to overlap the tape border in some places if you've made one.

3.  Paint -- use the watercolors to paint in all of the various shapes you've made while scribbling.

When dry, remove tape carefully and display!


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