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Sparkle Snakes Made Simple

Weave a sparkly snake with Kid Made Modern’s new craft supplies!

No matter your feelings about the real reptile, this sparkly snake craft is an activity everyone can enjoy. With just a few supplies from Kid Made Modern’s new line of craft supplies available exclusively at Target, you can weave a super cute serpent in no time. Keep one for yourself and maybe hide another for a friend to find!


- Sparkle Fuzzy Sticks

- Neon Fuzzy Sticks

- Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks

- Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Sticks

- Self-Stick Black and White Googly Eyes

- Hot Glue Gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1. Weave main body of snake -- pick 8 - 9 several different shades of green fuzzy sticks from our sparkle, neon, and rainbow fuzzy sticks packs. Wind two or three sticks around each other to give you three bundles of fuzzy sticks. Loosely braid these three bundles together. Depending on how thick you'd like the snake to be, pick a few more fuzzy sticks and weave them in and out of your braided snake body. Taper bundle at one end to create a tail end and fold over at the other end to create a slightly thicker head shape.

2. Add underbelly -- pick a coordinating color of jumbo stripe fuzzy stick. Use your hot glue gun to add a strip of glue to the bottom of the snake body. Attach stripe fuzzy stick as underbelly and trim as necessary.

3. Add eyes and tongue -- cut a small length of red fuzzy stick and insert it into the snake's mouth. You can add a bit of hot glue to the end before you insert it to help it hold. Hot glue goggly eyes on to the snake's head too.

4.  Bend into sidewinding shape -- bend the snake into whatever shape you like and raise it's head a bit up off the ground.


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