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Suncatcher Gems Kit

Follow these four easy steps to make your own festive Suncatcher Gems.
Suncatcher Gems Kit

Our new Suncatcher Gems Kit is tons of fun and super simple to make! Paint them in holiday hues, and they’ll look perfect hanging from a tree or tied to a gift. To make your own suncatcher gem, follow these four easy steps.

Suncatcher Gems Step 1

1. Choose two matching wooden frames with corresponding plastic. Paint the non-sticky side of both frames black, silver, or white. For an extra festive twist, try green or gold!

Suncatcher Gems Step 2

2. Remove the protective sheet from the back of your painted frame as well as the plastic. Line up the plastic and adhere it to the frame.

Suncatcher Gems Step 3

3. Paint your suncatcher! Gently dab different colors onto the plastic using a paintbrush. Try holding your suncatcher up to a bright light throughout to get a better idea of how it looks. Experiment with what happens when you let different colors run together. When you’re all finished, set it aside and let the paint dry.

Suncatcher Gems Step 4

4. Lastly, remove the protective sheet and adhere the second frame to the back of your suncatcher. Hang your suncatcher in your window where it can catch some rays!


* * * 


Grab a Suncatcher Gems Kit and go make stuff!