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Kid Made Modern | Fox in the Forest Snow Globe Clay Craft

Fox in the Forest Snow Globe Clay Craft

Snow globes are a nostalgic holiday decoration: from the characters inside to the color of the falling snow. And you can’t just have one, snow globes are better in groups. So that just means you have to continue adding to your collection, and what better way than creating your own?!

Animal House Craft

Design your very own nature-inspired animal house using our Animal Menagerie Craft Kit, Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle Kit and some items that you can find in your very own backyard!

DIY Animal House Craft for Kids
Kid Made Modern Apparel and Style Inspiration

What I'd Wear to go Bowling

Fashion inspiration for wherever your day takes you.

Sea Creature Cushions

Plunge into the depths of the ocean and make a few new felt friends! Our Sea Creature Cushions Kit includes everything you need to simply sew a pufferfish, jellyfish, and starfish!
Sea Creature Cushions