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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library

Kid Made Modern » wondrous watercolor kit (set of 30)

Art Lesson: Pointillism Art With Jeanetta Gonzales

Art Lesson: Pointillism Art with Jeanetta Gonzales

Learn All About Pointillism and How to Make Your Own Pointillism Art!

Ocean Animal Collage Art

Create beautiful ocean animal collage with recycled cardboard and craft supplies! 
Ocean Animal Collage Art
Scribble Watercolor Art DIY

Scribble Watercolor Art DIY

Scribble yourself out of a creative slump with our Watercolor Art project!

DIY Watercolor Gift Boxes

These adorable DIY hand-painted gift boxes are a unique way for kids to add a personal touch on holiday gift wrapping.

Diy Watercolor Gift Boxes
Diy Gift Wrap

DIY Gift Wrap

Be ready to celebrate any occasion with our fun + easy Gift Wrap DIY!

DIY Spinning Paper Ornaments

Mix and match your favorite colors and patterns to make these spinning paper ornaments.
Diy Spinning Paper Ornaments