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Duct Tape Project

What can't you do with rainbow duct tape? For starters, try making this rainbow carry all.

We love duct tape. It's sticky, it's colorful, it's durable, the perfect material to make amazing objects with. Take this rainbow carry-all, for example. You can make it just like we do below, or add your own flair (go bigger, smaller, less bows, more bows). Enjoy!

Tools Needed:

  1. Rainbow duct tape
  2. Tyvek mailing envelope (those white slightly shiny ones)
  3. Scissors
  4. Random stuff (to put in your bag!)
Step 1:

Split envelope lengthwise. Cut two 1 1/2 inch strips from the bottom of the envelope.

Step 2:

Step 2: Attach the two strips 10 inches from either end of the body with tape. These will become the sides of the bag.

Step 3:

Cover the front of the envelope with alternating patterns of duct tape. Trim excess duct tape and round the edges on the longest side. These edges will become the flap.

Step 4:

Fold the bag into shape and attach the sides.

Step 5:

Create the strap by taking a 30 inch long piece of duct tape and folding it in half lengthwise. Take another 30 inch piece of tape and wrap around strap.

Step 6:

Attach the strap to the inside edges of the bag with duct tape.

Step 7:

To create the bow, take an 8 inch long piece of duct tape and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut out detail on either end and tie into a knot.

Step 8:

Cut a hole in the center of the front flap and attach the bow (or other closure depending on your design) to the body of the bag. Now go carry stuff!