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Tiny Animals

Crocheting is an easy-to-learn technique you can use to create anything from sweaters to miniature sculptures.

It’s tough not to squeal with delight at these itsy bitsy Etsy animals. With the help of embroidery thread and a crochet hook—and, we presume, incredible patience and keen visiona family of five from Vietnam called Su Ami create miniature animals small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—or even on the tip of your finger.

But don’t try these tiny guys at home until you’ve mastered the art of large-animal crocheting. When you’re ready to stitch up some miniatures, it’s important to select your hook and thread wisely. Your crochet pattern needn’t be micro-crochet specific, rather, the size of the hook and thread that you choose will determine the smallness of your final product. For rookies, opt for a pattern requiring simple shaping and little joining. Add a pinch of good lighting, a little bit of patience, and you’re just about there.

Our conclusion: the only thing cuter than your average tiny animal is a tiny animal of the microscopic and delicately hand-crafted variety. For inspiration, here are some of our favorite Su Ami creations.