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Tiny Animals

Crocheting is an easy-to-learn technique you can use to create anything from sweaters to miniature sculptures.

By using only a single hook and yarn as ingredients, you can crochet almost anything! This kind of textile is accomplished by combining a series of intertwined looped stitches using different patterns for varied textures and shapes.  

We found a family of five crocheters from Vietnam, who call themselves Su Ami, with the youngest member being all of 10 years old. The name Su Ami comes from the youngster's nickname, whose love of  "all kinds of animals and movie characters" inspires their many creations. The tiniest forms can be smaller than 1/2" wide!  These astonishingly cute creatures are crocheted using specialized hooks made from sewing needles and threads. These animal friends can be found at the family's  Etsy store.