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Todd Oldham Applies "The Designer Idea" To Childrenswear With Kid Made Modern Clothing

"It's a designer idea put into childrenswear. Clean, conservative, but very pretty and odd," says Todd Oldham.

Todd Oldham and Tony Longoria gave Vogue a sneak peek at the new Kid Made Modern clothing line which will debut this October. 

Most of the pieces in the line are made of cotton linen canvas and printed inside and out with animal-themed prints created by in-house artist Patrick Hruby. All of the embroideries are done by hand by the same 400-year-old India embroidery company that worked on Oldham’s signature line back in the day, and the price points, which range from $280 to about $600, reflect the quality and workmanship involved. 

Click here to read the full Vogue article.