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Tulips of Holland- Optimized

Brighten up your day with these colorful flowers!

After being planted in the fall, tulips bloom between March and May and come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Some tulips come back year after year, but in cold climates most are “annual,” meaning they grow and bloom only once per year. (Plants and flowers that return every year are called perennial).

Tulips can grow almost anywhere except tropical climates and can be fooled into growing indoors by briefly placing the bulbs in the freezer and planting them near a sunny window. Tulips make perfect cut flowers and will continue to grow in the vase. To maximize a cut flower's life, always trim the stems under water and replace the vase water every other day.

For hundreds of years Holland has grown the most tulips in the world. A springtime drive through the Dutch countryside is a treasured experience. While the acres and acres of brightly colored bands of tulips are beautiful to see from a car window, the view from an airplane is truly otherworldly. From above, you can see colorfully striped fields that look like giant paintings, or perhaps the worlds largest picnic quilt! 

Photographs by Bruxelles5 on Flickr