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We love that we have the opportunity to share the work of some of the many artists we LOVE! They show us what they are thinking, what moves them to make the work they do, and how it’s done!
Yellow Crown Heron

Brooklyn artist Toto Feldman has long been inspired by the intersection of nature and the city. Many of the birds pictured here were met on walks in the Jamaica Bay wetlands or in city parks and other urban environments. These Paper-Mache birds are all portraits of characters who have now stepped off the pages of her earlier art work. Toto has been making drawings and paintings for as long as she can remember, recently discovering that working in three dimensions has allowed her to expand her canvas into the room. The bird sculptures live next to her drawings of abstracted wings and feathers each a reference to imagination and nature. She is also an ardent fan of the Museum of Natural History’s transporting dioramas of wild animals in their habitats, as are we.

When making art, Toto has always used "low tech" materials like Gouache and watercolors for her drawings and paintings and paper-mache and found material for her birds and other sculptures, working the theory that you don't need much to make something good. In Toto's own words; "I am a city person who recently discovered that I am totally fascinated with birds. Birds are everywhere and have long inspired artists. Now I am beginning to discover why." What would you make?

Rose Finch
Scarlet Tanager