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Window Art with Washable Paint

Brighten up your neighborhood with some window painting!

We’ve really enjoyed all the community art that’s popping up to express love and gratitude while staying home. My daughter and I thought we’d get in on the action by creating a large painting on our front window.

It was super easy, here are a few steps in case you want to give it a try.

What you’ll need:


First, test your paint on an inconspicuous area of the window. Paint a small dollop, let it dry, then try washing it off with a wet paper towel. You may need a little window cleaner or soap. It should come off easily, but you’ll want to be sure! We used our Kid Made Modern washable paint straight from the package. If you don’t have washable paint, you can try adding a couple drops of dish soap to standard acrylic paint. That should work, but definitely test it out first.

Once you’re sure you’re paint washes off, start by taping off the window frames to avoid getting any paint on the wood.

Along the bottom sill, I stuck scrap paper to the edge of the tape to completely protect it from drips! Speaking of drips, be sure to cover the floor with a drop cloth, an old sheet or broken down cardboard boxes also work .

Next, we added a felt “stay home” banner we made to the top of the window using some scotch tape.

Finally, it’s time to paint! We decided on a rainbow and just painted it freehand. To make it easy, we poured a bit of each color into a paper bowl and worked one color at a time, washing off our brush in between.

When we were happy with our rainbow, we peeled off the tape and cleaned up our mess. And, voila! A beautiful rainbow! My favorite part of the whole project is how beautiful it is from inside the house, with the sunlight streaming through all the colors!

It was hard to capture from the outside with all the sunshine making a reflection on the window, but here’s a peak during the day:

And at night!

We hope it makes our neighbors smile. We’re thinking of keeping it up forever because who couldn’t use a rainbow in their living room?


Written by Danielle Kurtz, Marketing & Creative Director at Kid Made Modern, mom of 2 kiddos and avid crafter.