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Wooden Spoon Dolls DIY

Craft up a sweet wooden spoon doll with our Ice Cream Craft Kit! 

These cute DIY dolls come together in a snap with our Ice Cream Craft Kit! Craft together a few friends ready to share a sweet snack. Such an easy craft perfect for summer!



- Ice Cream Craft Kit 

- Markers 

- Scissors 

- Pencil 

- Hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


 1. Dress your doll -- cut a piece of paper from the kit into 1/2. Flip it onto the white side and mark the neck width at the top of the paper. Cut the paper into a triangle shape and trim it into whatever dress shape you like. Attach it to the back of the spoon using hot glue gun. 

Also draw legs and shoes onto your doll in proportion to the dress.

2. Give your doll a hairstyle -- try out different bits from the kit to create hair -- pom poms become buns, sprinkles become fringe, cut paper into braids. Give it all a try! Glue onto the spoon and then fill in the shape of hair with marker onto the face of the spoon.

3. Add features and accessories -- draw eyes or glue on googly eyes. Then draw on a nose, mouth, and any other features that you like. Use other bits from the kit to add dress accessories such as fringe, buttons, and belts.


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