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Wreath Ornament DIY

String together a bright beaded wreath ornament with our My First Jewelry Kit!  

No matter where you grew up, it seems a childhood rite of passage to string together holiday-colored beads to make an ornament wreath. We gave a bright update to this classic craft for the youngest set with our My First Jewelry Kit. The oversized beads are perfect for little fingers and these ornaments come together in a snap. Get the details below!

Materials :

- My First Jewelry Kit

- pipe cleaners or fuzzy stick like those in our My First Arts and Crafts Library

- scissors

Steps :

1. Thread fuzzy stick - hold one end of the fuzzy stick and thread beads on in any pattern you like, leaving a little bit of stick at each end to secure.

2. Bend into wreath shape and secure - bend fuzzy stick into a circle shape and twist the ends of the stick together. Leave a bit of ends hanging out to secure the bow.

3. Tie hanger - cut a length of craft cord from the kit and tie around the middle of the wreath ornament.


4. Add bow - twist a second fuzzy stick into the shape of a bow. Secure bow on to wreath with the ends of the strung fuzzy stick.

Hang on your tree or wherever else you're decorating for the holiday!