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Yule Log Ornament DIY

Yule love this ornament tutorial! Follow along to make your own mini yule log dessert to bedeck your tree.


ingredients 1
ingredients 2
ingredients 3
ingredients 4
  • 1 Sheet of Yellow Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Brown Felt
  • Green Embroidery Floss
  • 5 Yellow Fruit Slice Beads
  • Baby Powder
  • Brown Colored Pencil
  • 1 Large Green Flower Sequin
  • Three Small Round Red Beads
  • 1 Small Square of Cardboard
  • 1 Small Square of Tin Foil



yule log step 1 

1. Cut a small rectangle out of the cardboard and save the remaining material.


yule log step 2

2. Gently roll the rectangle into a tight burrito to bend the cardboard into a low arch.


yule log step 3

3. Cut two shallow half circle shapes from the leftover cardboard to create the “ends” of your yule log.


yule log step 4

4. Glue the half circles to the short ends of your yule log.


yule log step 5

5. Use the brown colored pencil to draw “rings” ends of your yule log.


yule log step 6

6. Cut a small square from some of the remaining cardboard and roll it into a very tight burrito.


yule log step 7

7. Cut one of the ends of the rolled-up cardboard at a 45 degree angle to create a short “branch.”


yule log step 8

8. Glue the branch to the side of your yule log.


yule log step 9

9. Use the last of your remaining cardboard to cut out a long oval shape just a little larger than your yule log to create your “plate.”


yule log step 10

10. Cover the plate in tin foil and glue the log down onto it.


yule log step 11

11. Cut your entire sheet of brown felt into long, skinny, wiggly shapes to create the “woodgrain” for your log.


yule log step 12

12. Glue the felt woodgrain along the sides of the yule log and its small branch.


yule log step 13

13. Glue short, narrow strips of yellow felt to the bottoms of each of the yellow fruit slice beads to create your mushrooms.


yule log step 14

14. Glue the mushrooms randomly on the surface of your yule log.


yule log step 15

15. Cut the large flower sequin into three, creating three sets of holly “leaves.”


yule log step 16

16. Glue the leaves down randomly on the surface of your log, then glue down the red beads onto the pointed end of the holly leaves to create little bunches of holly.


yule log step 17

17. Cut a small amount of the green embroidery floss into very small pieces to create “moss.”


yule log step 18

18. Glue down your moss randomly on areas where the log meets the plate.


yule log step 19

19. Lightly dust your creation with baby powder to create a “powdered sugar” effect.


yule log step 19

20. Glue the ends of a length of embroidery floss under the plate on either side of the log to allow you to hang your new yule log ornament on your tree!


* * *



* * *

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