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Valentine's Day Crafts

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Craft Club Box #3 - Crazy Contraptions DIY

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    • Art educator Meri Cherry is back for some crazy creations with this month’s Craft Club theme! The Process Art (reveling in the doing and not so much the outcome) enthusiast will guide little ones through the creation of their very own Crazy Contraption using a wood board, bells, fuzzy sticks, and more. Kiddos will have the tools they need to build whatever creation their minds can conceive.
    • Kid Made Modern's commitment to nurturing the next generation of creative thinkers inspired us to collaborate with Meri Cherry to develop the best subscription box for kids. Each month will have a theme that encourages open-ended crafting and, of course, tons and tons of fun and creativity!
    • All the arts and crafts supplies you need to create a craft activity
    • Makes for a great rainy day or indoor activity
    • A fun indoor activity for winter and rainy days
    • Ages 6 and up
    • 1 hammer
    • 1 6" x 6" wood panel
    • 1 small round paint brush
    • 1 black marker
    • 1 child size glasses
    • 6 pom pom beads
    • 4 fuzzy sticks
    • 3 small gold bells
    • 4 paper wrapped wire
    • 12 metal studs
    • 4 felt pieces
    • 10 nails
    • 1 8-color watercolor palette
    • 14 assorted beads
    • 1 instruction booklet