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4th of July Necklaces

Start prepping for the Fourth of July with this patriotic necklace DIY!

It’s summer and that means ice cream time! These patriotic ice cream and popsicle necklaces were inspired by the red, white and blue rocket pop. They are the perfect accessory for the 4th of July or all summer long! To make them we painted charms from the Frosty Treats Jewelry Kit and added beads and pom-poms from the Arts & Crafts Library. Pair them with these patriotic headbands for an awesome style statement on the 4th!


Frosty Treats Jewelry Kit

Arts & Crafts Library

- Acrylic craft paint


1. Start by painting your charms with acrylic craft paint in patriotic colors. We used the small paint brush that comes with the Frosty Treats Jewelry Kit. It is perfect for adding small details to the charms.

2. For the rocket pop necklace, string the painted charm onto a piece of red thread along with a variety of red and blue beads from the Arts & Crafts Library.

3. To make the ice cream cone necklace, string the painted charm along with pom-poms using the needle to push the thread through the pom-poms.

4. For the push pop necklace, you can use the chains and jump rings included in the Frosty Treats Jewelry Kit to add red, white and silver sequins to the necklace.

Make one necklace for yourself, and another one for a friend. We recommend eating ice cream while crafting your necklaces. It is double the fun!

Haeley Giambalvo is the founder of Design Improvised — a website focused on easy DIY projects that make a big impact. Haeley loves transforming simple materials like pom-poms and pipe cleaners into cool kids projects or festive holiday crafts. Her colorful projects are perfect for the busy mom who wants to spend 30 minutes crafting by herself or getting creative with her kids. Haeley lives in San Antonio, TX along with her husband and two daughters Stella, 9 and Hazel, 7.


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