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Coloring Sheet Bookmark DIY

Color a cosmic picture on-the-go and then up-cycle your creation into a cute bookmark!

Our On the Go Cosmic Activity Kit is the perfect traveling coloring companion. With coloring sheets and pens that fit inside a cute carrier, kids can take their coloring on the road and keep their hard work collected for later. Once you've returned home, try turning those super cool cosmic coloring sheets into a bookmark!


- KMM On the Go Cosmic Activity Kit

- scissors

- embroidery thread or yarn (optional)

- hole punch (optional) 


1.Color! -- use the pens and sparkling sticker sheets in the kit to fill in a coloring page.  

2. Trim to bookmark -- cut a strip out of the coloring sheet to use as a bookmark. 

3. Add tassel -- the coloring sheet will serve as a bookmark all on its own, but to take it up to the next level, you can add a tassel. Grab our tutorial for making a tassel here and use any embroidery thread or yarn you have to make a colorful addition. Create a hole at the top of your bookmark with a hole punch or scissors and tie the tassel on.