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DIY 3D Greeting Card

Craft a custom 3D card with plenty of neon pop! 

Find yourself with a last minute need for a fabulous greeting card? Our Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle can help you whip up a custom 3D card lickety split that has your message jumping off the card. Read on to see how you can make a card for any occasion.

DIY 3D Greeting Card Materials


- Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle

- Medium weight card stock

- Craft needle

- Hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


DIY 3D Greeting Card Step 1

1. Create card base -- fold the piece of card stock in half and then trim to your desired size.

DIY 3D Greeting Card Step 2

2. Add words -- write a message on the front of the card using duct tape or fold fuzzy sticks into letters and glue on using hot glue gun. Don't worry about getting the letters perfect—it looks best a little wonky.

DIY 3D Greeting Card Step 3a
DIY 3D Greeting Card Step 3b

3. Finish with accessories -- try sewing decorative touches with the craft needle and nylon cord (tape end tail of cord onto inside of card to hold it on). You can also glue or sew poms on the front or try gluing some neon sequins. Make it yours!

DIY 3D Greeting Card Done

When you're done, try our DIY Envelope tutorial to deliver your custom card!

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