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DIY: Cardboard Tube Jeweled Box

Keep an eye on your jewels with these DIY Cardboard Tube Jeweled Boxes! Our Candy Charms Jewelry Kit and a little bit of recycling get the job done.

If there's one thing creatives can't make enough of it's little dishes and boxes to hold all sorts of doodads. From jewelry to coins to craft supplies, these DIY Jeweled Boxes will help you corral it all. Snag a few supplies from your recycling bin and our Candy Charms Jewelry Kit to get started.


- Candy Charms Jewelry Kit

- cardboard tube (recycled TP or paper towel work great!)

- duct tape

- scissors or craft knife

- acrylic paint

- sturdy craft paper

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Create cardboard box pieces - cut a length of cardboard tube to the size you'd like the box. Cut two additional pieces of cardboard tube to the length you'd like the fitted top to be.

2.  Make box top - snip one piece of the box top vertically. You'll need to add an extra piece of cardboard to the top so that it is big enough to fit over the bottom of the box. Measure this extra piece by fitting the snipped top piece over the second tube piece.

Mark with a pencil the extra width you need and cut that out from the second piece. Use the duct tape to insert and tape the extra width of cardboard into the top piece. Double check by seeing if the top piece will fit over the bottom piece of the box.

3.  Paint box pieces - use acrylic paint to decorate the cardboard tube pieces. Pick a wooden disc from the jewelry kit and decorate with sparkly gel pens.

4.  Attach top and bottom to box - add hot glue to the bottom box piece and press onto the sturdy craft paper. Once dry, trim paper flush to the cardboard. Add hot glue to the top box piece and press onto the wooden disc. If you need, you can add hot glue to the inside seam to fill in any gaps. 

5.  Add some bling! - pick some of the beads and gems from the kit to decorate the box. We hot glued a gem onto the top and made a beaded tassel to attach down through the disc's hole into the top of the box (check out our tassel tutorial here!).


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