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Studio in a Box is One of Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things 2019!

Learn all about this craft kit and discover two ways you can create with this must-have toolkit.
Our award-winning Studio in a Box is one of Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things!

As Oprah says in the December 2019 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, "If you want to limit your kiddos' screen time during winter break, consider this mini art store. It's packed with enough markers, crayons, paints, and brushes to motivate any Matisse in the making."

This award-winning arts and crafts set is packed with supplies including brushes, paint, paper pads, colored pencils, and more for kids to utilize their imagination and create! Each paintbrush is labeled with its proper name to educate young artists. Studio in a Box also comes in a carrying case making it easy to take on-the go.

Here are two art activities you can recreate with Studio In a Box:

Create a work of abstract art with watercolor paints and paper from the Studio in a Box set.

Using Studio in a Box and shaving cream, create a unique, marbled art print to use as gift wrap or hang as decor.

Kid Made Modern DIY Shaving Cream Marbled Paper