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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Festive Fireworks DIY

Festive Firecracker DIY

 These patriotic firecrackers are the perfect thing to decorate with and a safe sparkler to play with this Memorial Day. 

Fun DIY Rainbow Using Watercolor

This watercolor project is a wonderful way to introduce your toddler or preschooler to simple watercolor techniques!
Watercolor Rainbows DIY
DIY Egg Carton Turtle

Easy Egg Carton Turtles DIY

Make a whole family of turtles using the Paper Mache Turtle Kit and a recycled egg carton!

DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial

We’ll be recycling cardboard and sheets of chipboard to create a colorful planter full of all our favorite plants and flowers, throw in a few insects and a bluebird; now it feels like Spring! 
DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial
Kid Made Modern STEAM Stargazing Kaleidoscope Craft

STEAM Stargazing Kaleidoscope DIY

Make your own kaleidoscope inspired by the night sky using the STEAM DIY Kaleidoscope Kit! 

Pretend Play Bento Box DIY

Our DIY Bento Box is the perfect pretend play project for your little foodie! 
Kid Made Modern Pretend Play Bento Box DIY
Artwork inspired by Louis DeMarco's art

5 Autistic Artists Who Turned Creativity into Their Superpower

In Celebration of Autism Awareness Month, we're shining a light on artists who prove that autism can be a catalyst to a life filled with creativity and breaking past limiting barriers.

DIY STEAM Pinball Machine

Learn about engineering by creating a STEAM Pinball Machine!
DIY STEAM Pinball Machine
Egg Painting Craft Tutorial

Egg Painting Craft Tutorial - Six Painting Techniques

With the KMM Egg Painting Party basket, you can create and paint a set of wooden eggs that will last forever using these 6 painting techniques.  

DIY Water Cycle Model

Celebrate Earth Day with this colorful and creative Water Cycle Model project! 
DIY Water Cycle Model