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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library

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Kid Made Modern

Summer Watermelon Crafts Trio

Celebrate summer with this trio of simple and fun watermelon crafts! Kid Made Modern has everything you need to create a watermelon collage, a watercolor melon, and to make watermelon prints. 

DIY American Flag Collage

This collage is a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July! Use the items in your Rainbow Craft Kit to practice color matching and sorting as you create your own flag.
Kid Made Modern American Flag Collage
DIY Water Cycle Model

DIY Water Cycle Model

Celebrate Earth Day with this colorful and creative Water Cycle Model project! 

DIY Rainbow Garland

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this colorful DIY Rainbow Garland!
Diy Rainbow Garland
Christmas Tree Hat

Christmas Tree Hat

Learn how to make your own festive Christmas tree hat!

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids Ages 4 to 6

Make Christmas Merry and Bright with these Gifts from Kid Made Modern.
Kid Made Modern Rainbow Craft Kit
Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide for Kids: Our Favorites

Premier arts and crafts gifts for kids this holiday season. 

Paper Chain Wall Art with Laurie

Create Wall Art using a Paper Chain! 

Paper Chain Wall Art With Laurie
Rainbow Robots

Rainbow Robots

Create colorful robot friends with our Wooden Robot Kit! 

Upcycled Cardboard Rainbow

Make your own big, bright rainbow with our Over the Rainbow Craft Kit! 
Upcycled Cardboard Rainbow