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Paper Chain Wall Art With Laurie

Paper Chain Wall Art with Laurie

Create Wall Art using a Paper Chain! 

DIY Egg Carton Snake

Craft a Snake out of an Egg Carton 

Diy Egg Carton Snake
Pen Pal Scribble Art

Pen Pal Scribble Art

Craft this easy scribble art and then send it to a friend with a note! 

Layered Canvas DIY

Mix and match materials from our Studio in a Box Kit to make a unique masterpiece!
Layered Canvas DIY
Studio In A Box Is One Of Oprah Magazine S Favorite Things 2019

Studio in a Box is One of Oprah Magazine’s Favorite Things 2019!

Learn all about this craft kit and discover two ways you can create with this must-have toolkit.

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2019: Gifts for Kids Ages 4 to 6

Check all the kids off your Christmas list with gifts from Kid Made Modern.

Holiday Gift Guide For Kids 2019 Gifts For Kids Ages 4 To 6
Holiday Gift Guide For Kids 2019 Our Favorites Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2019: Our Favorites Gifts

Our top gifts guaranteed to make the perfect present for any kid on your list.

DIY Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

 Marble up some gorgeous paper with our Studio in a Box Kit! 
Diy Shaving Cream Marbled Paper
Scribble Watercolor Art DIY

Scribble Watercolor Art DIY

Scribble yourself out of a creative slump with our Watercolor Art project!

Studio in a Box

For a budding artist, building a foundation of supplies can be intimidating - but it doesn’t have to be! Our Studio in a Box has everything you need to get started with sketching, painting and coloring. The high-quality tools and supplies let you focus on creating. Plus, it’s all packed in a convenient carrying case that helps you stay organized.
Studio In A Box