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Kid Made Modern

Summer Watermelon Crafts Trio

Celebrate summer with this trio of simple and fun watermelon crafts! Kid Made Modern has everything you need to create a watermelon collage, a watercolor melon, and to make watermelon prints. 

DIY American Flag Collage

This collage is a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July! Use the items in your Rainbow Craft Kit to practice color matching and sorting as you create your own flag.
Kid Made Modern American Flag Collage
Artist Spotlight: Lisa Congdon Grid Drawing Activity

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Congdon Grid Drawing Activity

Create a bright, positive art project for Pride! Lisa Congdon’s graphic illustrations are the perfect way to celebrate being yourself.

DIY Pride Ice Dye Rainbow Shirt

Pride month not only recognizes the long and ongoing fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ community, but is an opportunity to support and celebrate LGBTQ achievements and pride.
DIY Pride Ice Dye Rainbow Shirt
Festive Fireworks DIY

Festive Firecracker DIY

 These patriotic firecrackers are the perfect thing to decorate with and a safe sparkler to play with this Memorial Day. 

Fun DIY Rainbow Using Watercolor

This watercolor project is a wonderful way to introduce your toddler or preschooler to simple watercolor techniques!
Watercolor Rainbows DIY
DIY Egg Carton Turtle

Easy Egg Carton Turtles DIY

Make a whole family of turtles using the Paper Mache Turtle Kit and a recycled egg carton!

Father's day crafts for toddlers

There’s no better way to show dad you care than with some handmade art made from the heart. Make Father’s Day extra fun this year with dad-friendly crafts! These simple... Read More
Father's day crafts for toddlers
Ocean Animal Collage Art

Ocean Animal Collage Art

Create beautiful ocean animal collage with recycled cardboard and craft supplies! 

Horchata Milkshakes with Antique Taco

Make a Horchata Milkshake with Chef Rick Ortiz from Chicago’s Antique Taco!
Horchata Milkshakes With Antique Taco