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Between The Moon And Sun Diorama DIY

Between the Moon and Sun Diorama DIY

We love finding ways of creating a world and characters to play with together. This DIY diorama is a fun way to get creative by building an environment for your favorite creatures to play and explore together. We made our very own Slumberkins Dragon using their home between the moon and sun!

Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath Craft

Fall leaf crafts are some of my favorite to create! I love the warmth of fall colors. Every year my kids and I create paper leaves to decorate our home. I love that there are so many ways you can paint, decorate, and display leaves. This year, we are making these paper leaf wreaths to decorate our home! The Autumn Craft Kit pairs so beautifully with these simple-to-make leaves and the results are stunning. Read below to learn how to make your own!
Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath Craft
Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY

Rainbow Bead Necklace DIY

I love creating rainbow crafts with my kids. They get so excited about bright colors! When we first looked through the Bright Beads Jewelry Kit, she went straight for the rainbow beads and was so excited to create with it! 

Back to School Photo Frame Craft

This photo frame is a fun DIY that you and your child can create together using the Arts and Crafts Library. Add a photo from the first day of school and you can keep it for years to come to remember this special time!
Back To School Photo Frame Craft
First Day of School Sign DIY with Play Toys and Books

First Day of School Sign DIY with Play Toys and Books

Celebrate Back to School by crafting a fun first day photo prop with Ann, owner of Play in Chicago

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Card DIY

This month we celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! What better opportunity to do some baking and creating together. Using our Cookie Card template, some paint, and supplies from your Arts and Crafts Library, you can create these super cute cookie cards to share with someone you love! 
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Card DIY
3 Phonics Craft Ideas To Encourage Kids To Learn Through Play

3 Phonics Craft Ideas That Encourage Kids To Learn Through Play

We always want to keep things fresh and fun with our KMM kiddos, whether they are freely expressing themselves or learning a new skill, so we've gathered three crafts that can easily be turned into phonics activities.

Summer Watermelon Crafts Trio

Celebrate summer with this trio of simple and fun watermelon crafts! Kid Made Modern has everything you need to create a watermelon collage, a watercolor melon, and to make watermelon prints. 
Kid Made Modern
Steam Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

STEAM Fuzzy Stick Pasta Arches DIY

Build a pasta rainbow with the STEAM Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set! 

Back To School Art Supplies Under $20 For Pre-K Through Middle School

Whether your kiddos will be virtual or get to walk the halls with friends and teachers again, these budget-friendly art supplies will get them excited for a new year of learning and expanding their creativity.
Back To School Art Supplies Under 20 For Pre K Through Middle School