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Bath Drops - Bath Water Color Drops


The Kid Made Modern Bath Drops 1 pack includes 150 pieces of large and small sized bath drops in a variety of colors like yellow, blue and purple. Our bath color drops will transform the color of bath water, making bath time fun! Our Bath Drops are designed to create a safe, yet colorful, fun experience for a reluctant bather (or to just add excitement)!

These bath water coloring tablets are non-staining and dissolve fully in the tub, making clean up a breeze. To clean, simply rinse and drain the tub.

Simply fill your bathtub with water, drop one color tablet in at a time and watch the color of the water change! You can add more tablets to mix and create new colors. Our Bath Drops are formulated with nontoxic ingredients, safe to use and gentle on the skin.

Though fun for all ages, we suggest Bath Drops for ages 3+. These drops can help build color recognition, inspire creativity, and an overall more fun bath time. Bath Drops make for a fun and unique present too, practical and unique, it is a great addition to bath time!


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