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> Ages 4-6 > Ultimate Crayon Bundle

Ultimate Crayon Bundle

$47.96 $43.00 Free Shipping
    • The Ultimate Crayon set includes all of the Kid Made Modern shaped crayon sets; Gem Jackpot, Giant Crayon Gem, Confetti and Rock Crayons - 37 crayons in all.
    • These fun shaped crayons come in an array of intense colors and are formulated to color beautifully on any paper. Not only do these crayons make coloring fun, but they are also easy for little hands to grasp and use, even if your child hasn’t mastered the proper technique for holding a standard crayon.
    • Perfect for little hands that are still developing fine motor skills
    • Color with the tips for small details or use the side of the crayon for coloring in large areas
    • Makes a great gift
    • Made of all natural ingredients, they're even edible - though we don't suggest you eat them.
    • Ages 3 and up
    • 12 solid-colored crayons in 3 unique gem shapes
    • 12 double-pointed Confetti Crayons
    • 15 faceted crayons
    • 1 Crayon Gem featuring 8 vibrant colors
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