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Crafts for kids at home

Crafts for Kids at Home

Exploring the ‘great indoors’ has never been more fun! Even if the whole family is stuck inside, crafting can help kids create a colorful and imaginative world from inside their... Read More

Make Your Own Snowman Collage

Create your own mini winter wonderland with paint, recycled materials and the Winter Craft Kit! 

Make Your Own Snowman Collage
Get Out And Vote DIY Window Sign

Get Out and VOTE DIY Window Sign

Get the Word Out to VOTE with a DIY sign!

Fall crafts for kids

As the leaves turn and the weather cooling down, we “fall” back in love with cozy weekends at home with our family crafting. This handy Fall craft guide is designed... Read More
Fall crafts for kids
Diy Spider Web Halloween Costume

DIY Spider Web Halloween Costume

My favorite part of Halloween as a parent has been making costumes for my kids! It reminds me so much of my own childhood - my mom always made our... Read More

Simple Popcorn Art with Laurie

Create DIY Popcorn Art with Laurie
Simple Popcorn Art With Laurie
Kid Made Modern Craft Club Monthly Subscription

Kid Made Modern Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids Ages 8 and up

Discover art gifts for children that let them explore their creative spirit! 

Ocean Animal Collage Art

Create beautiful ocean animal collage with recycled cardboard and craft supplies! 
Ocean Animal Collage Art
Upcycled Cardboard Roll Cuff

Upcycled Cardboard Roll Cuff

Learn how to upcycle cardboard rolls into wearable art! 

Craft Stick Fairy House

Dress up your yard with a DIY Fairy House!
Craft Stick Fairy House