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Mini Haunted House DIY

Mini Haunted House DIY

These little houses made from wooden craft sticks will give you all the adorably spooky feelings but in miniature form, my personal favorite!

Haunted Modern House

Happy Halloween!
Haunted Modern House
Haunted Graveyard Smarts and Crafts

Haunted Graveyard

Every ghoul needs fuel. Get your midnight snack and go make stuff!

Witches Brew

Kid Made Modern's Smarts and Crafts Kits make the spookiest witches brew. Watch if you dare...
Smarts and Crafts Witches Brew
Duct Tape Pumpkins

Duct Tape Pumpkins

Add some pop to your pumpkins using our Duct Tape Kits!


Make a spooky ooky brain with our Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle kit!
Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle Brain
Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash Limb Pin

Limb Pin DIY

Make your own limb pin using our Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash kit!