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Haunted Modern House

Happy Halloween!


Want to make your own haunted Modern House? Here is how we did it!

Haunted Modern House Black Cat

We made this slinky black cat using fuzzy sticks and pom poms. Add some extra Halloween spirit by decorating the room with pumpkins made from pom poms and beads.

Haunted Modern House Vampire

Our vampire was made using pom poms, fuzzy sticks, and and felt. We also made him a coffin out of felt to help him avoid the bright sunshine!

Haunted Modern House Spider 

This creepy crawly spider was made using pom poms, fuzzy sticks, and googly eyes. Add some internal graveyard decor by decorating popsicle sticks. 

Haunted Modern House Skeleton

We made this spindly skeleton using pom poms, fuzzy sticks, and beads. His silvery web wall hanging was made using thread and beads.

* * *

Make your own haunted mansion with our Modern House Kit and Arts and Crafts Library