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Valentine's Day Crafts

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Valentines Fringe Cards DIY

Valentine's Fringe Cards DIY

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s one of our favorite holidays! Celebrating love and all things pink just bring so much joy! And what’s a better way to tell someone you care than with a handmade card?

DIY Best Friend Necklace

Making your own best friend necklace is actually relatively simple and open-ended. Kids of all ages will be so excited about this project and parents will love that it’s easy and mess free. Give your children the supplies and let them take the lead.
Diy Best Friend Necklace
Valentine Flower Bouquets Tutorial

Valentine Flower Bouquets craft tutorial

Flowers are one of my favorite things! From growing them, to receiving bouquets and even making them myself. Which is exactly why we’re going to learn how to make multiple... Read More

Valentine's Day Tape Resist Art

Use your My First Painting Collection to create this beautiful Paint Resist Valentine’s Day painting!

Paint Resist Valentine's Day Love Painting
Make Your Own Love Robot Valentines

Make Your Own Love Robot Valentine's

Use your Valentine’s Craft Kit to create some totally adorable Love Robots! 

DIY Punny Valentines for Foodies

Food puns are the perfect, slightly cheesy way for kiddos to wish a friendly Happy Valentine’s Day to each other! 
Kid Made Modern Punny Foodie Valentines using Foodie Craft Kit
Paint Your Own Cardboard Heart Valentines

Paint Your Own Cardboard Heart Valentines

These paint your own cardboard valentine hearts are the perfect way to share a little extra love this time of year (which everyone could use!). Watercolor paints look fantastic on... Read More

Valentine’s Day DIY: Love Bugs

Enjoy some family time this Valentine's Day with this FUN DIY project.  Kids love these love bugs!
Valentine S Day DIY Love Bugs
Valentine S Day Beaded Hearts DIY

Valentine’s Day Beaded Hearts DIY

Get ready for Valentine's Day with this beaded hearts DIY.

Crustacean Infatuation Pin

Tell someone exactly how you feel this Valentine's Day with this pun-loving, amorous, anthropod!
Crustacean Infatuation Pin