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Smarts and Crafts Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Kid Made Modern's Smarts and Crafts Kits make the spookiest witches brew. Watch if you dare...

Arts and Crafts Library

Kid Made Modern's Arts and Crafts Library has all the pom poms, googly eyes, and more fun supplies you could ever need to make your creative dreams come true. You'll never be bored with the same old crafts again!
Arts and Crafts Library
Pom Pom Palooza

Pom Pom Party

Kid Made Modern's Pom Pom Palooza makes every craft library complete!

Intergalactic Battle

Once upon a time in a land far away, the powers of Boring and Fun were at odds...
Intergalactic Battle
Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle Brain


Make a spooky ooky brain with our Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle kit!

Limb Pin DIY

Make your own limb pin using our Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash kit!
Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash Limb Pin
Smarts + Crafts Metal Mash-Up Tin Skins

The Tin Skins

Introducing The Tin Skins, our new favorite punk metal band created from our Smarts + Crafts Metal Mash-Up Kit! Give it up for Alice Copper on bass, Katie Clang on drums and lead singer Patti Gold-Smith!

Sparkle Skull Ring DIY

Make your own sparkle skull ring using our Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash kit!
Smarts + Crafts Sparkle Stash Skull Ring
Paper Mache Dinosaur

Paper Mache Dinosaur

Forget scary, scaly, and dull dinosaurs. We made a Pom Pom T-Rex stomp around New York City and a three-eyed pink stegosaurus fly through space, simply by painting and gluing on some fun... Read More

Winter Wonderland

A sparkling snowscape awaits you with our Winter Wonderland Kit!
Arts and Crafts Winter Wonderland DIY Video