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Jellyfish Ornament DIY

Grab our Smarts and Crafts Sparkle Stash Kit and let's make an ornament that will add some marine magic to your tree!
Jellyfish Ingredients

Ingredients: 8 Purple Sparkle  Fuzzy Sticks, 6 Blue Sparkle Fuzzy Sticks, 4 Purple Sparkle Beads, Iridescent White Cording



Jellyfish Step 1

1. Twist the ends of two blue sparkle fuzzy sticks together tightly.


Jellyfish Step 2

2. Gently curve the connected fuzzy sticks until the two ends meet. Form a circle by twisting the ends together tightly.


Jellyfish Step 3/4

3 & 4. Take one of the four remaining fuzzy sticks and attach one end to the circle you created. Curve this fuzzy stick in an arch and attach the other end to the opposite side of circle.


Jellyfish 5

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the last three blue fuzzy sticks, crossing the arches in the center to create a sturdy dome. 


Jellyfish step 6

6. Wrap the white cording over your fingers five times to create a large loop. 


Jellyfish step 7

7. Snip the top of the loop to create a cluster of “tentacles”.


Jellyfish step 8

8. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the end of the tentacles and wait for it to almost completely dry before using your fingers to pinch the glue and the tentacles together.


Jellyfish step 9

9. Glue the pinched-together tentacles into the inside of the dome, right where the fuzzy sticks cross in the center.


Jellyfish step 10

10. Snake one of the purple sparkle fuzzy sticks over and under your fingers to create a wavy “tentacle”. 


Jellyfish step 11

11. Repeat step 10 with all seven of the remaining tentacles. 


Jellyfish step 12

12. Top four of the wavy tentacles with a single purple sparkle bead, pulling the bead down slightly onto the tentacle.


Jellyfish step 13

13. Attach the wavy tentacles so that they hang down from the blue dome, twisting the top of the tentacle onto the circle base in between each arching blue fuzzing stick. Every other wavy tentacle should have a purple sparkle bead at the top.


Jellyfish step 14

14. Cut a decent-sized loop from the white cording. 


Jellyfish step 15

15. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the ends of the loop and wait for it to almost completely dry before using your fingers to pinch them together.


Jellyfish step 16

16. Glue to the loop to the top of your jellyfish and use it to hang your new ornament on your Christmas tree!

* * * 



* * * 


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