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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library
Mothers Day Trading Card DIY

Mother's Day Trading Card DIY

Mix it up this Mother’s Day and rather than giving mom a card, give her Super Mom trading cards that you made yourself!

Teacher Appreciation Clipboard Craft

Using our awesome patterned papers, kids can design and craft unique clipboards that their teacher will have no trouble keeping track of!
Teacher Appreciation Clipboard Craft
Pretend Iftar Dinner

Pretend Iftar Dinner

Encourage imaginative play in kids this Ramadan with a pretend iftar dinner!

DIY Dancing Marionette Toy

Design and build a fun DIY Marionette with Kid Made Modern’s new craft supply line available exclusively at Target!
Diy Dancing Marionette Toy
Diy Thank You Cards

DIY Thank You Cards

Show appreciation with our sparkly DIY Thank You Cards!

Arts and Crafts Library One of Oprah's Favorite Things 2018

We are honored to be included on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018!
Arts And Crafts Supply Library Favorite Things 2018
Easy Ways to Clean Up Craft Kits

Easy Ways to Clean Up Craft Kits

Tips and tricks to help kids clean up craft supplies.

Teaching Young Children How To Clean Up After Painting

Tips and tricks to guide kids through watercolor clean up.
Teaching Young Children How To Clean Up After Painting
Teaching Kids How To Reuse Paper

Teaching Kids How to Reuse Paper

Encourage your little artist to reuse paper to inspire new creations.

What to Do When a Crayon Breaks? Tips for Little Artists.

Tips and tricks helping kids keep crayons organized, even the broken ones.

What To Do When A Crayon Breaks Tips For Little Artists