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Sparkle Snakes Made Simple

Sparkle Snakes Made Simple

Weave a sparkly snake with Kid Made Modern’s new craft supplies!

Mini Charm String Puppet Show

This Charming DIY Project Is So Much Fun. You Can Create Your Own Stage and Characters With Our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit! 
Mini Charm String Puppet Show
Diy St Patricks Day Pencil Toppers

DIY: St Patrick's Day Pencil Toppers

Make these super easy and fun Pencil Toppers for St. Patrick's Day or a great spring break project!  

Make Your Own Coral Reef Sculpture

Dive deep into crafting with this Coral Reef Sculpture tutorial. Learn how to design and sculpt your own with our Aquatic Craft Kit!
Make A Coral Reef Sculpture
Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

Paper Plate Aquarium Craft

Craft an aquarium full of super cute sea creatures with our Aquatic Craft Kit!

DIY Go Wild Binoculars

Kids can keep their eyes peeled with our DIY Go Wild Binoculars! Learn how to craft custom binoculars perfect for wildlife watching
Diy Go Wild Binoculars
Valentine S Day DIY Love Bugs

Valentine’s Day DIY: Love Bugs

Enjoy some family time this Valentine's Day with this FUN DIY project.  Kids love these love bugs!

Valentine’s Day Beaded Hearts DIY

Get ready for Valentine's Day with this beaded hearts DIY.
Valentine S Day Beaded Hearts DIY
Diy Charm Photo Frame

DIY Charm Photo Frame

Create a charmed photo frame with our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit!

DIY Beaded Lanyard

Stand out from the crowd with our bright DIY Beaded Lanyard!
Diy Beaded Lanyard