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Beaded Boutonnière and Corsage

Bead a wearable flower creation that will last with our Petal Party Jewelry Kit!

Everyone loves to get flowers and these are made to last! Our beaded boutonnière + corsage are the perfect way to wear your favorite buds. Fit for any celebration (or none at all), they are super fun to make as well. Grab a few of our fave Kid Made Modern supplies and get beading!


- Petal Party Jewelry Kit

- Pipe cleaners or fuzzy sticks (we nabbed a few from our Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle Craft Kit)

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)

- Small craft stick pins



Boutonniere Materials

1. Bead a fuzzy stick -- pick a fuzzy stick and add a few round beads to start. Bend up one end of the stick to hold the beads on firmly. Add a few leaf beads and then stack as many petal beads on as you'd like to make the top of the flower.

Boutonniere Step 1

2. Secure top of flower -- trim fuzzy stick almost flush with the last petal bead. Remove final bead and place a dab of hot glue on fuzzy stick. Slide final bead back on and hold until glue dries securely.

Boutonniere Step 2

3. Add cord -- cut a small piece of cord from the kit and loop it several times around the top of your flower stem, just below the leaf beads. Tie securely and trim ends. This will give you a good spot to slide the stick pin through so you can wear it.

Boutonniere Step 3
Boutonniere Done


1. Make bracelet portion -- twist two fuzzy sticks together to make a long bracelet. Try to pinch the joined portion together as well as you can so that it's not too bulky and you'll be able to fit beads over it.

Corsage Step 1

2. Add beads -- slide several round beads on to make a stem, followed by a few leaf beads, and then as many petal beads as you'd like to finish the flower. You can add more beading after the top of the flower, or you can leave it as is. Try to bead over the joined portion of the two fuzzy sticks to keep it all securely together. You can twist the other ends of the fuzzy sticks together once you've put it on your wrist.

Corsage Step 2

Wear your creations!

Boutonniere and Corsage Done

* * *

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* * *

Beaded Boutonniere and Corsage