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Kid Made Modern Crayon Library

Kid Made Modern » washable paint set (set of 12)

Painted DIY Monster Rocks

Painted DIY Monster Rocks

Grab some paint, rocks, and your Arts + Crafts Supply Library and get to creating some crafty monster rocks

Spring Paper Flower Hanging DIY

This kid-friendly craft mimics the best part of those dried floral frames using paper flowers and recycled materials instead. With some additional materials like paint and fuzzy sticks, we’ll give this frame some extra pizazz and make it easy to hang to decorate for the Spring.
Spring Paper Flower Hanging DIY
Autumn Leaf Wall Art DIY

Autumn Leaf Wall Art DIY

Laurie, our resident crafter, is back on Kid Made Modern's YouTube Channel to celebrate the start of fall!  She'll show us how to make a DIY Autumn Leaf Art Piece to celebrate... Read More

Easy Egg Carton Turtles DIY

Make a whole family of turtles using the Paper Mache Turtle Kit and a recycled egg carton!
DIY Egg Carton Turtle
DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial

DIY Spring Planter craft tutorial

We’ll be recycling cardboard and sheets of chipboard to create a colorful planter full of all our favorite plants and flowers, throw in a few insects and a bluebird; now it feels like Spring! 

Crafts for Kids at Home

Exploring the ‘great indoors’ has never been more fun! Even if the whole family is stuck inside, crafting can help kids create a colorful and imaginative world from inside their... Read More
Crafts for kids at home
Crafts for 2 year olds

Crafts For 2 Year Olds

You’re never too young to make a masterpiece! Two is a terrific age to begin exploring the wonderful world of arts and crafts. Your little one will build important visual... Read More

Felt Crafts for Kids

What’s more fun than felt? From patches to stockings, felt provides endless possibilities for crafting! Kid Made Modern’s craft kits include a ton of colorful felted fun. This simple material... Read More
Felt Crafts for Kids
Diy Cardboard Holiday Cookies

DIY Cardboard Holiday Cookies

Use the Kid Made Modern Christmas Craft Kit to create everlasting gingerbread cookies from cardboard! 

DIY Watercolor Turkey

Use the Wondrous Watercolor palette to create a beautiful and colorful Thanksgiving turkey! 
Diy Watercolor Turkey